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Exodus Group Limited


EXODUS Group Limited is a company that was incorporated on 11th of December 2013 and operates from Dar es salaam Tanzania.

In 2018 the company name changed to EXODUS Group in order to accommodate new strategies adopted by the company, namely business diversification.

This diversification included restructuring the business model so that instead of just operating restaurants, there would be another business unit dealing with contract catering. This strategy is what led to MAI Fast Food changing to MAI Catering Solutions.

The second area of diversification included organic food production through farming. This necessitated the introduction of another member of the Exodus group, the KOLA FRESH PRODUCE Company.

EXODUS Group is 100% locally owned.


To be the leading producer and supplier of organically grown agricultural products in Tanzania and beyond.


To produce fresh farm produce while observing internationally accepted standards, and to create great-tasting meals in a healthy and safe environment.


Fresh Food From Farm To Fork.


  • People First
  • Quality Always
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Diversification
  • Health and Safety