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Kola Fresh Produce


To ensure that our meals are made from the freshest ingredients and that the quality of food prepared meets the standards set by MAI Catering Solutions, an executive decision was reached where it was agreed that the best way to have full control of the quality of ingredients used is to produce by being directly involved in the production of the food right from the onset. This decision led to the idea of owning a farm.

KOLA FRESH PRODUCE as a company was incorporated in 2018. KOLA FRESH itself is located in KIsarawe District, Coast Region, about 50Kms from the MAI Catering Solutions Facility. The 50 acres property is managed by two professional agronomist, one a graduate from SUA UNIVERSITY and the other a supervisor who holds a certificate in horticultural produce.

KOLA FRESH has transportation vehicles that are duly certified by Tanzania Food and Drug Authority (TFDA). This certification is proof that the vehicles comply with all health and safety standards inclined towards best practice for transportation of food produce from the farm to our storage facility at PSPF Plaza.

Investing in compliant transportation vehicles is a sign that we are committed to ensuring you can rest assured that the freshness of the food produce is maintain throughout the process produce to cooking stage.


Fresh agricultural products organically produced while applying best agricultural, health and safety standards to ensure good quality produce.


Ensuring availability of fresh farm produce always.


Keeping It Fresh


  • Customer Focus
  • Consistency
  • Innovative Processes
  • Dedication
  • Environmental Friendly